Who Is Kayla Itsines And What Does She Do?

Who is Kayla Itsines Summary: Fitness celebrity Kayla Itsines has helped millions of women transform their bodies and feel fitter, sexier and more confident with her Bikini Body Guide Program. But before the fame and the fortune, there was one Australian trainer with a dream.

Who is Kayla Itsines?

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Kayla Itsines is;

  • an Australian personal trainer and fitness celebrity.
  • She and her partner Tobi Pearce are the creators and authors of the Bikini Body Guide.
  • Kayla is a certified personal trainer, having completed the Australian Institute of Fitness Master Trainer course in 2008.
  • After finishing her course, she started working as a trainer at a female-only personal training studio in Adelaide in South Australia.

A few months into her personal training career, she created her own business, The Bikini Body Training Company Pty Ltd. She took on more clients in her private business and learned about their fitness goals, hopes and dreams.

After The Bikini Body Training Company started to take off, Kayla took to the internet to spread her knowledge about fitness and training. She created an Instagram and Facebook account and started to post frequently on social media.

She started to upload her clients’ transformation photos, healthy eating recipes and training tips to Instagram. Kayla started to gain popularity from there.

In 2012, The Bikini Body Training Company teamed up with Fresh Fitness Solutions, Tobi Pearce’s company. The pair started to run boot camps for women who wanted to get fit fast.

Tobi Pearce is a successful Australian bodybuilder and personal trainer. He also completed a personal training degree at the Australian Institute of Fitness. Tobi had his own personal transformation with fitness, from a 60 kg classical musician in high school to a 102 kg body builder as an adult. Tobi is passionate about educating women on how to achieve their goals.

Kayla, with the help of Tobi, created the Bikini Body Guide eBooks in 2013. The three part guide, with the BBG 1.0, BBG 2.0 and the Nutrition Guide have sold millions of copies.

In 2015, the pair created the “Sweat with Kayla” app, which is available on iPhone and Android in eight different languages. There, women can upload their progress photos to receive feedback and support from millions of people using the app. The app even has an Apple Watch component to help you stay extra-accountable.

How did Kayla Itsines became so Famous?

Kayla was able to get her message out to so many women through Instagram and the 10.5 million women who have used the BBG Workout.

At time of writing, Kayla has 5.7 million followers on Instagram and 8.6 million Facebook followers. Through social media, she has been able to reach millions of women, but the Bikini Body Guide speaks for itself.

The guide is a comprised of 28-minute circuit workouts that get progressively harder as the weeks go on. Many of the workouts are based on plyometric movements like burpees and jump squats.

The circuit workouts are performed three times per week for a total of 84 minutes of rigorous exercise. That’s less than an hour and a half of exercise per week! But the Bikini Body Guide gets results because the workouts are tough. You will sweat and crank up your heart rate during your workout and can expect to burn fat for the rest of the day.

The circuit workout is designed as a high intensity interval workout which has been scientifically proven to burn fat for hours after completing the workout.

The other days of the week, you do low intensity steady state cardio like walking, biking, or running.

The guide also comes with a nutrition plan which gives you guidelines on which carb, fat and protein sources to eat as well as a comprehensive 14-day meal plan complete with recipes and an ingredient list. The meal plan has accommodations for vegans, vegetarians, pescetarians, lacto-vegetarians, ovo-vegetarians, and standard eating preferences.

To put it simply, Kayla as effectively given women all of the tools that they need to achieve the bikini body they desire. The program has worked for women and men of all ages! The program only works if you do, though. If you put in 10 percent of the work, you can’t expect 100 percent of the results.

But if you follow the nutrition guide and the workouts strictly, you can be in the best shape of your life! So who is Kayla Itsines, you ask? Well, she’s about to be your new best friend.



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