What is BBG Workout?

In summary: BBG workout is a Bikini Body Guide program created by Kayla Itsines. It is a 12-weeks workout plan designed for women who wants to lose weight and get a bikini body.

  • BBG Workout 1.0 is for the first 12-weeks.
  • BBG Workout 2.0 is for week 13-24.
bbg workout by kayla itsines

My transformation with the BBG workout.

What Is BBG Workout All About?

As human beings, curiosity is an inseparable part of our nature. We are intrigued by success stories and we want to know how someone could achieve what we could not. And deep inside, it also triggers a slight sense of skepticism. Maybe it’s a fake story. How can someone do that in so little time?

That’s precisely what happened with Kayla Itsines when she first came into the public spotlight as a twenty-something with a few thousand followers claiming that she could help a woman get a bikini body in just 12 weeks.

Almost immediately, there were skeptics and haters who labeled her off as another passing phase who would disappear as soon as she had arrived. But Kayla had other plans.

She grew from strength to strength and so did her followers. What was once a paltry 80000 soon crossed a million and now has crossed 5.7 million as I write this review.

But the question, still gets asked every now and then. All these years, all these results to show, all those real transformations achieved by her clients and still, people want to know if the bikini body guide is really effective or whether it is another media hype.

Is BBG Workout Really Effective?

Before we speak about how the Bikini Body Guide workout can help you, let’s take a moment to think about why you were unable to exercise and achieve the body of your dreams until now. What was stopping you? In most cases, it is one of these three;

  1. Lack of time
  2. Lack of motivation
  3. Incorrect eating habits

Well, that’s how the BBG guide will help you. It will help you tackle the very problems that have been limiting you from achieving success with your weight loss goals. If there is

If there is a lack of time, then all that you need to do every day is 30 minutes of exercise divided into convenient 7-minute circuits. That’s it.

7-minute circuits repeated four to five times or as many times as you are comfortable repeating them. The key here is not to repeat the workout, it is to get your form right.

Kayla gives you the option to perform the exercise until you perfect it. There is also the leeway to modify the workouts to suit you.

If you cannot do push-ups for example, you can hold your body at the plank position or do pushups with your knee on the floor. And then when you progress in the workouts, start with regular pushups again.

If it is lack of motivation that has been limiting you, then you will be amazed at how motivating the entire BBG community can be.

They help each other overcome problems that they face during the workout routines, share modified plans that can be used, motivate people who are unable to cope with the severe workouts and even connect periodically with Kayla herself.

Check any Kayla Itsines review and it will have a special mention about the motivation that the community thrives on.

Is BBG Workout Diet Guide Safe?

If it is your eating habits then the Kayla Itsines Diet plan will give you all the necessary nutritional information along with easy to prepare recipes that are tailored according to your weight loss goals;

  • Getting your macronutrient ratio right,
  • Eating the right amount of carbs,
  • Eating the necessary amount of fat, separating between healthy and unhealthy fats,
  • Getting your breakfast right, adding necessary dietary supplements to your workout.

There’s so much information in the diet plan. And Kayla will never ask you to starve yourself to death.

In her own words, ‘Eating right is not about abstention’.

When you have a full stomach, you feel more confident to take on the workout.

What matters is what you fill that stomach with. That’s where the Kayla diet plan chips in.

To sum it up, the BBG program is everything that a conventional diet and workout program is not. And that’s precisely why it is so effective.

The BBG Program effect goes beyond weight loss

Ask any woman on Instagram who has completed the Bikini Body Guide program about how effective it is and they will tell you that the effect goes beyond losing a few pounds or slipping into that bikini.

It brings out a confidence in you that may have been lacking due to the negative self-image that you had about yourself. It completely changes your mindset. Kayla calls it empowering her army.

And the army cannot stop having enough of it.

There have been women who were unable to complete even one seven-minute circuit and who now, have taken their fitness outside their homes.

They go for treks, marathons, kayaking, canoeing, cross country races, you name it.

You can read about my experience here with Kayla’s bikini body guide workout.

The BBG program has the potential to completely change your life as it did for me.

And remember, all the BBG workout demands is 30 minutes of your day.



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