BBG Program By Kayla Itsines

For anyone who has struggled to move the scale, results are the strongest type of motivation. It is like an endorphin rush, a dopamine kick that can make them get up from the couch and start exercising. There is no better example to this than Kayla Itsines and her BBG Program members who swear by the effectiveness of the 12 week program.

If some stranger in another part of the world can lose 6-7 lbs. and get into her bikini, why can’t you?

That’s the premise that the BBG Program Kayla Itsines begins on. And you don’t have to take her on face value mind you. There are enough results to prove that it works. They are all over Instagram like a tribe with their transformation photographs. Well-toned legs, shapely arms, abs almost visible, no cellulite on the butts, it really is in effect, a Bikini body.

Something that you would be proud to flaunt on a beach without having to think twice about how it looks. All the sermon about ‘body positive’ is not going to help you slip into a bikini. Exercise will. And the BBG seems to be one of the shortest routes you can take to get there.

BBG Program Kayla Itsines – Understanding the BBG Workout

As Kayla herself says, ‘You can’t fake fitness’. So if you are popping detox pills or thermogenic fat burners, you are only focusing on the aesthetics. Will you lose weight? Maybe. But at the cost of what? That’s what you need to ask yourself.

The BBG workout on the other hand will put you through a boot camp styled routine that will change your perception of fitness. If you have worked out before, then this will be a new challenge that tests your limits. And not an easy one either. Even the most seasoned athletes break into a flop sweat the first time they try out one of the Kayla Itsines workouts.

And if you have never worked out before, well, this is going to test you. It is like having a personal instructor by your side who will never let you stop before you achieve what you set out to achieve.

How does the Bikini Body Guide change my life?

Chances are that you know what the BBG workout is all about and that’s why you are reading this in the first place. But if you don’t, then I suggest that you log on to Instagram right now and search for any one of the numerous hashes Kayla’s clients use to tag themselves. Some of the common ones are #bbg, #bikinibodyguide, #kaylasarmy and even #deathwithkayla.

You will be shocked to see some of the transformations that have been achieved with this workout routine. And all it takes is one look to see that this is not a marketing gimmick, because none of the people look like the models you typically see on weight loss websites.

It is people that you can believe in. No overly thin teens with their surgically enhanced boobs over here. It is women with imperfections in the body that you can relate to. Someone who has always had all the fat in the world on her hips maybe. Or another woman who’s pretty slim, but has arms that looks like a blob of jelly.

Kayla helps you target your problem areas. By combining a set of different workout techniques and drawing inspiration from Tabata, Pilates, Yoga, HIIT, and mixing it up to create her own version of Boot Camp that can be followed easily at home, she gives you the complete workout routine you ever wanted to transform your life.

BBG Program Kayla Itsines – What do I get with the BBG?

There are many different plans that you can pick from according to your own personal goals and your preferences at this point of time. For people who just need the workout, there is an option to only subscribe for the Kayla Itsines workout plan that gives you access to the 189 page Kayla Itsines pdf ebook.

Others can go advanced and choose a complete BBG Program Kayla Itsines that includes the Kayla Itsines diet along with a few other bells and whistles. Irrespective of why you are struggling to lose weight, Kayla Itsines promises to help you transform your body.



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