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How Can Kayla Itsines BBG Workout Help Busy Moms or Busy Career Women?

Kayla Itsines has become a legend on the social media network. From graduation to becoming a personal trainer, Kayla Itsines took what she saw from her job, and let her job become an inspiration, helping many transform their bodies for a healthier, bikini ready body.

If you go to Instagram the pictures are truly incredible, and the way Kayla presents herself has many of her fans earning her respect and support. These women also build each other up, supporting and encouraging each other since they all have common goals in mind. All over the world, Kayla’s fans have become an army, joined and united and stand behind Kayla and her program.

So how does Kayla Itsines BBG workout help all the busy women out there, whether that be a busy mother or career women (or both)?

Kayla’s Bikini Body Guides come in a printable download PDF, or an App called Sweat with Kayla, and your workouts are only 28 minutes long per workout. You can learn more about the BBG here.

That’s right, 28 minutes of sweating, or not, depending on which circuit(s) you are doing for the day. There are four different types of exercises that you will be performing.

  • Resistance training
  • LISS training
  • HIIT training
  • Rehabilitation (stretches)

You work out each day, doing a different set of circuits which will all be included in the guide. It will say which workouts to do which day, and how many reps to try and accomplish within the timeframe.

With the first Body Guide, you will do four circuits that are 7 minutes long, with days of stretches and one day per week, every Sunday where you get to rest, and enjoy yourself after a week of working out.

In the second Body Guide, your workouts will be a bit more challenges with different exercises, along with the frame of time for each one. Instead of four circuits, you will do two 14-minute workouts.

What’s also great about the Bikini Body Guide when it comes to a busy lifestyle is the HELP nutrition guide. In the nutritional guide, you are given recipes that are healthy and good for you. If you follow the recommended meals in the guide along your workouts each day, the results are going to be out of this world.

Eating healthy is just as important as working out, and Kayla Itsines feel you need to give 100% to both to get the results you are looking for.

When you hit the gym, take out your phone where you can either download the PDF files there, or you may get the Sweat with Kayla App, and you can follow the guides from there.

We all know how busy our lives can get from day to day. There are busy moms who are running from sporting event to instrumental lessons. Then you have the house to clean and food to make. Life every day is very hectic if you have a multi-person family.

The same goes with career women. You ladies, are probably running from meeting to meeting, sitting behind a desk fixing problems or working your butt off to keep a company up and running smoothly, with little to no downtime to take care of yourself.

With the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide, making yourself available for 28 minutes a day is the most doable program out there you are going to find to keep yourself strong and healthy.

Do exercises you can from the comfort of your office or home that requires no or minimal equipment (like kettlebells or dumbbells) and save the bigger equipment exercises for the gym. All in all, many busy women out there recommend this program to get the results you are looking for.



Is Kayla Itsines App Better Than Bikini Body Guide PDF?

As the Kayla Itsines fever reached epic proportions, boot camps were organized all around the world where one would get to work out with none other than Kayla herself. They were pretty popular. Apart from giving thousands of women a firsthand experience of what it would take to get that perfect bikini body, it also served as the perfect platform to market the Sweat with Kayla App, which, back then was still in the pipeline.

It generated a lot of buzz. Women were waiting with bated breath. Even the ones who wanted to purchase the Bikini body guide PDF put it on hold and decided to wait for Sweat with Kayla.

Because it made more sense to get the more recent and upgraded version of the workout plan rather than buying something that was now at least a couple of years old. Besides, the new iPhones were just about to hit the market. Nothing like a bright and clear screen to see your workout videos in.

Then the app launched and it was not met with the kind of response that most people expected it to. Even Kayla Itsines didn’t expect the kind of backlash it received from her members. But that was a few months ago. Most of those stories and the negative press seems to have been buried by now under a lot of positive reviews.

That makes people wonder, whether the Sweat with Kayla app can help them get into a bikini body?

Here’s the answer.

Kayla Itsines App vs Bikini Body Guide PDF

First things first, will the sweat with Kayla app work? It probably will.

But there’s an easier and cheaper way to get that same bikini body, performing the same exercises that you get in the sweat with Kayla app.

That’s the Bikini Body Guide eBook for you.

The app is a mere glorified and repackaged version of the Bikini Body Guide that is being sold at a much higher price that will be billed every month on your credit card. And when you stop subscribing to the app, you will lose access to all of the so-called new content that the app promises to bring to you.

You heard that right. Sweat with Kayla is the worst thing to come out of Kayla Itsines’ business ever since she became the globally recognized fitness icon.

Why the Sweat with Kayla app doesn’t cut it

When the app was being promoted by all and sundry, the promise was better content, newer workouts, a refined diet plan and the convenience to access it just about anytime and anywhere that you want to. Now, here’s why the BBG workout eBook is a much better deal.

No new content: That’s right. Apart from reorganizing all that was already sold to her members in her BBG program, there is no new content on offer in the Sweat with Kayla app. In fact, it falls flat on its promise of delivering some amazing new content.

Same old workouts: The third iteration of the BBG which was supposed to be a members exclusive for Sweat with Kayla subscribers turned out to be a dud. The BBG 1.0 and 2.0 were markedly better than it. As a matter of fact, BBG 3.0 was nothing but the same two workout eBooks rearranged with newer names. That’s not to say that the BBG workouts are not effective. It’s just that the third version was supposed to be a newer and meaner version of the BBG. It was not meant to be.

Same old diet plan: Even if you were to ignore the other two parameters and consider buying the Kayla Itsines app for the diet plan alone, you’d still be getting a raw deal because even the diet plan is exactly the same as what was included with the complete BBG transformation program. Maybe there’s a new recipe or two. But why would you even want to pay $240 a year for a couple of additional recipes? Isn’t that why you have Google?

The option to select workouts: The Kayla Itsines app lets you toggle through the menu and choose from LISS, HIIT and conditioning at any time that you want to and repeat it as many times as you want until you feel comfortable with it. But that can be done with a printed BBG eBook too. You can select just about any part of the program and repeat it until you are satisfied.

The point is that sweat with Kayla is an effective app because it contains Kayla Itsines’ flagship offering, the Bikini Body Guide. The only caveat is that you have to pay almost double of what you pay for the Bikini body guide for it.

The question is how are you looking to get into that bikini? These are the two ways you have. If you are smart, you’d choose the cheaper way and save yourself some Benjamin just like I did.


How Much Is Kayla Itsines Workout?

You have seen the crazy results on Instagram. You have seen photos of Kayla Itsines’ perfect abs. You never wanted to see how much Kayla Itsines workout plan program cost because it must be crazy expensive. But is it really?

Personal trainers, nutritionists, healthy food and gym memberships cost a fortune. So how much does a program that offers all three cost? It must be a lot, right?

At a typical gym, a session with a personal trainer is around $60, a gym membership is usually more than $40 a month, and a nutritionist can cost hundreds. With the Bikini Body Guide, you can save money on all that with workouts that can be completed at home (or in the gym) with minimal or no equipment! How amazing is that?

How much is Kayla Itsines Workout program?

The Bikini Body Guide program costs $189.94 for the first eBook, second eBook, and diet guide.

  • The workout books are $119.97.
  • BBG 1.0 workout is $69.97
  • BBG 2.0 workout is $69.97
  • That is 36 individual workouts for only $3.30 a workout!!
  • Yoga, barre and spinning classes can cost $30 a class.
  • The Bikini Body Guide gets you better results for only a tenth of the price!

The Kayla Itsines Workout guides include;

  1. 36 unique workouts for your entire body~
  2. A breakdown of every single exercise to explain proper form and how to target the right muscles in the movement
  3. Clear guidance on how to time the workouts to make them exactly 28 minutes
  4. Guidance on what to do on your “low intensity” days

The nutrition guide is very helpful for anyone who is trying to learn to manage their diet and eat healthy while also feeling full and satisfied. The nutrition guide costs $69.97 and includes all of the following.

The Nutrition guide includes

  1. A comprehensive 14-day meal plan with three meals and two snacks per day
  2. Recipes and an ingredient list for all of the meals
  3. Advice and educational materials for macronutrients and micronutrients
  4. Guidance on how to eat healthy on and off the meal plan

Visit her official website to learn more and to purchase the eBooks. All of this information and access to the #BBGcommunity is available on Kayla Itsines app, Sweat with Kayla. The app costs $19.99 a month and includes all of the workouts (with additional CHALLENGE workouts) and the support of millions of women in the BBG community!

In addition to what you pay in dollars for the workout, you also need to put in the time, effort and determination! How much is your sweat? Priceless. So grab your eBooks and try Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide today.

How can you get Kayla Itsines workout Discount?

You can get an 80 percent off discount by visiting! That means you can get the nutrition guide and BOTH workout books for only $39.97!!!!! This is an unbelievable deal so you need to act fast.

Again, most people have to pay $198.94 for all three eBooks, but for a limited time only you can get all three guides for only $39.97. Do yourself a favor and download these eBooks now!

The complete eBooks only cost $39.97 on, but they are worth much more than that. Gain confidence and feel like your best self. That’s worth every penny.

Who Is Kayla Itsines And What Does She Do?

Who is Kayla Itsines Summary: Fitness celebrity Kayla Itsines has helped millions of women transform their bodies and feel fitter, sexier and more confident with her Bikini Body Guide Program. But before the fame and the fortune, there was one Australian trainer with a dream.

Who is Kayla Itsines?

kayla itsines details

Kayla Itsines is;

  • an Australian personal trainer and fitness celebrity.
  • She and her partner Tobi Pearce are the creators and authors of the Bikini Body Guide.
  • Kayla is a certified personal trainer, having completed the Australian Institute of Fitness Master Trainer course in 2008.
  • After finishing her course, she started working as a trainer at a female-only personal training studio in Adelaide in South Australia.

A few months into her personal training career, she created her own business, The Bikini Body Training Company Pty Ltd. She took on more clients in her private business and learned about their fitness goals, hopes and dreams.

After The Bikini Body Training Company started to take off, Kayla took to the internet to spread her knowledge about fitness and training. She created an Instagram and Facebook account and started to post frequently on social media.

She started to upload her clients’ transformation photos, healthy eating recipes and training tips to Instagram. Kayla started to gain popularity from there.

In 2012, The Bikini Body Training Company teamed up with Fresh Fitness Solutions, Tobi Pearce’s company. The pair started to run boot camps for women who wanted to get fit fast.

Tobi Pearce is a successful Australian bodybuilder and personal trainer. He also completed a personal training degree at the Australian Institute of Fitness. Tobi had his own personal transformation with fitness, from a 60 kg classical musician in high school to a 102 kg body builder as an adult. Tobi is passionate about educating women on how to achieve their goals.

Kayla, with the help of Tobi, created the Bikini Body Guide eBooks in 2013. The three part guide, with the BBG 1.0, BBG 2.0 and the Nutrition Guide have sold millions of copies.

In 2015, the pair created the “Sweat with Kayla” app, which is available on iPhone and Android in eight different languages. There, women can upload their progress photos to receive feedback and support from millions of people using the app. The app even has an Apple Watch component to help you stay extra-accountable.

How did Kayla Itsines became so Famous?

Kayla was able to get her message out to so many women through Instagram and the 10.5 million women who have used the BBG Workout.

At time of writing, Kayla has 5.7 million followers on Instagram and 8.6 million Facebook followers. Through social media, she has been able to reach millions of women, but the Bikini Body Guide speaks for itself.

The guide is a comprised of 28-minute circuit workouts that get progressively harder as the weeks go on. Many of the workouts are based on plyometric movements like burpees and jump squats.

The circuit workouts are performed three times per week for a total of 84 minutes of rigorous exercise. That’s less than an hour and a half of exercise per week! But the Bikini Body Guide gets results because the workouts are tough. You will sweat and crank up your heart rate during your workout and can expect to burn fat for the rest of the day.

The circuit workout is designed as a high intensity interval workout which has been scientifically proven to burn fat for hours after completing the workout.

The other days of the week, you do low intensity steady state cardio like walking, biking, or running.

The guide also comes with a nutrition plan which gives you guidelines on which carb, fat and protein sources to eat as well as a comprehensive 14-day meal plan complete with recipes and an ingredient list. The meal plan has accommodations for vegans, vegetarians, pescetarians, lacto-vegetarians, ovo-vegetarians, and standard eating preferences.

To put it simply, Kayla as effectively given women all of the tools that they need to achieve the bikini body they desire. The program has worked for women and men of all ages! The program only works if you do, though. If you put in 10 percent of the work, you can’t expect 100 percent of the results.

But if you follow the nutrition guide and the workouts strictly, you can be in the best shape of your life! So who is Kayla Itsines, you ask? Well, she’s about to be your new best friend.


What Does BBG Mean On Instagram And Fitness?

So what does BBG mean on Instagram? Let’s say you’re feeling unhappy and negatively about yourself. You surf countless apps on your phone hoping to find inspiration. Then you end up submerged in hashtags seeking a way to resculpt your mind. That’s when you come across the BBG hashtag.

What does BBG on Instagram Actually Mean?

BBG is an acronym for Bikini Body Guide. This 12 week workout guide was created by an Australian woman named Kayla Itsines. Kayla created this fitness guide to help women all around get a perfect bikini body. She simply wanted women to feel great about themselves.

She moved her services to the world of social media. That’s when the BBG workout made its way to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Kayla Itsines’ workout was available across all platforms. Now anyone could access her workouts no matter the type of account they had.

Moving to Instagram Was Very Beneficial

Kayla Itsines created more of a reach by becoming a part of Instagram. In doing so, she was able to reach out to additional followers. You thought her bikini body guide website was inspirational? Then you’re in for a sweaty treat because her Instagram is where it’s at.

So once you access her page, you may ask “what does BBG mean on Instagram” after all? It means scrolling through daily motivation and inspiration. You won’t be limited to viewing boring workout photos like others might post.

What Does Kayla Itsines’ Post on Instagram?

Kayla Itsines posts about:

  • Recipes
  • Before/After Photos
  • Self Love
  • Motivational Quotes
  • Rewarding Destinations
  • Exercise Musts
  • Selfie Updates of her own workouts
  • Footwear
  • Photos of the App on her Phone

Instead of ordinary posts, Kayla posts appealing photos of delicious food. She posts new recipes that are from the blog. The presentation of the dishes are photographed just right to get your mouth watering. The best part is that her tasty meals are also healthy. You won’t have to worry about looking at drab photos of treadmills and salads.

She also shares a multitude of before and after photos. By posting these success stories, she wants to show you that you can do this. Everything is possible with Kayla Itsines’ workout. The proof is within all the ladies that have accomplished their goals.

Her posts aren’t limited to her the BBG workout or her diet plan either. She also reposts inspirational quotes, promotion of self-love, and sometimes a giggle worthy photo.

What is BBG fitness all about?

Now that you understand how vital BBG on Instagram is, you wonder what is BBG fitness anyway? BBG fitness is the epitome of success for women. Millions of women have successfully earned their bikini bodies by following Kayla Itsines guide.

Kayla Itsines bikini body guide is broken into two features. One is the healthy BBG workouts and the other is its equally important food guide. With both powers combined, abs are only some time and dedication away.

So what BBG fitness comes down to being is success. Simply put, it helps discipline all kinds of women into having the bodies they want to have. It doesn’t matter if they are new moms, long-time fitness gurus, or first-timers. Each various person has an opportunity to transition themselves into better.

What makes BBG fitness so great:

  • Yummy recipes
  • Easy workouts
  • Success stories from other women
  • Available on social media
  • Discounts available
  • Ebooks available
  • Sleek app for busy women on the go

The bikini body guide is a way of life. For 12-weeks, it helps to get you on track to a healthier life. In doing so, you resculpt your body and mind in a positive way. There is an additional 12-weeks  guide available after you complete the initial guide. This secondary guide helps to maintain the major lifestyle change.

To complement the workouts are fresh, tasty recipes to kick junk food cravings to the curb. Changing your body temporarily won’t work. In order to maintain your bikini body after the BBG, you must make a lifestyle change. As always, moderation is key. However, you must be able to make healthier choices.

What is BBG Workout?

In summary: BBG workout is a Bikini Body Guide program created by Kayla Itsines. It is a 12-weeks workout plan designed for women who wants to lose weight and get a bikini body.

  • BBG Workout 1.0 is for the first 12-weeks.
  • BBG Workout 2.0 is for week 13-24.
bbg workout by kayla itsines

My transformation with the BBG workout.

What Is BBG Workout All About?

As human beings, curiosity is an inseparable part of our nature. We are intrigued by success stories and we want to know how someone could achieve what we could not. And deep inside, it also triggers a slight sense of skepticism. Maybe it’s a fake story. How can someone do that in so little time?

That’s precisely what happened with Kayla Itsines when she first came into the public spotlight as a twenty-something with a few thousand followers claiming that she could help a woman get a bikini body in just 12 weeks.

Almost immediately, there were skeptics and haters who labeled her off as another passing phase who would disappear as soon as she had arrived. But Kayla had other plans.

She grew from strength to strength and so did her followers. What was once a paltry 80000 soon crossed a million and now has crossed 5.7 million as I write this review.

But the question, still gets asked every now and then. All these years, all these results to show, all those real transformations achieved by her clients and still, people want to know if the bikini body guide is really effective or whether it is another media hype.

Is BBG Workout Really Effective?

Before we speak about how the Bikini Body Guide workout can help you, let’s take a moment to think about why you were unable to exercise and achieve the body of your dreams until now. What was stopping you? In most cases, it is one of these three;

  1. Lack of time
  2. Lack of motivation
  3. Incorrect eating habits

Well, that’s how the BBG guide will help you. It will help you tackle the very problems that have been limiting you from achieving success with your weight loss goals. If there is

If there is a lack of time, then all that you need to do every day is 30 minutes of exercise divided into convenient 7-minute circuits. That’s it.

7-minute circuits repeated four to five times or as many times as you are comfortable repeating them. The key here is not to repeat the workout, it is to get your form right.

Kayla gives you the option to perform the exercise until you perfect it. There is also the leeway to modify the workouts to suit you.

If you cannot do push-ups for example, you can hold your body at the plank position or do pushups with your knee on the floor. And then when you progress in the workouts, start with regular pushups again.

If it is lack of motivation that has been limiting you, then you will be amazed at how motivating the entire BBG community can be.

They help each other overcome problems that they face during the workout routines, share modified plans that can be used, motivate people who are unable to cope with the severe workouts and even connect periodically with Kayla herself.

Check any Kayla Itsines review and it will have a special mention about the motivation that the community thrives on.

Is BBG Workout Diet Guide Safe?

If it is your eating habits then the Kayla Itsines Diet plan will give you all the necessary nutritional information along with easy to prepare recipes that are tailored according to your weight loss goals;

  • Getting your macronutrient ratio right,
  • Eating the right amount of carbs,
  • Eating the necessary amount of fat, separating between healthy and unhealthy fats,
  • Getting your breakfast right, adding necessary dietary supplements to your workout.

There’s so much information in the diet plan. And Kayla will never ask you to starve yourself to death.

In her own words, ‘Eating right is not about abstention’.

When you have a full stomach, you feel more confident to take on the workout.

What matters is what you fill that stomach with. That’s where the Kayla diet plan chips in.

To sum it up, the BBG program is everything that a conventional diet and workout program is not. And that’s precisely why it is so effective.

The BBG Program effect goes beyond weight loss

Ask any woman on Instagram who has completed the Bikini Body Guide program about how effective it is and they will tell you that the effect goes beyond losing a few pounds or slipping into that bikini.

It brings out a confidence in you that may have been lacking due to the negative self-image that you had about yourself. It completely changes your mindset. Kayla calls it empowering her army.

And the army cannot stop having enough of it.

There have been women who were unable to complete even one seven-minute circuit and who now, have taken their fitness outside their homes.

They go for treks, marathons, kayaking, canoeing, cross country races, you name it.

You can read about my experience here with Kayla’s bikini body guide workout.

The BBG program has the potential to completely change your life as it did for me.

And remember, all the BBG workout demands is 30 minutes of your day.


Kayla Itsines Nutrition Guide Review

For the first 12 weeks of starting with Kayla Itsines nutrition guide and Bikini Body Guide program, I was amazed at the amount of strength that I was able to gain and also in my improved agility. What was missing was the fast weight loss that a lot of others were able to achieve.

I was frustrated for sure. But not disappointed with the results. I had lost almost 20 pounds in 12 weeks. That wasn’t so bad. You can read my Kayla Itsines Review and learn how the Bikini Body Guide really helped me!

Kayla Itsines Nutrition Guide Help

After consulting with fellow BBG members, I was able to narrow down on the missing ingredient in my weight loss crusade, the Kayla Itsines nutrition guide.

A lot of people, like me, are unsure about signing up for the complete package and skip the Bikini body guide diet plan. Big mistake!

If you feel that you have not been able to replicate the results of your BBG brethren, then you have found the reason yourself.

The Importance of eating right

Someone wise once said that bodies break down in the gym and are made whole again in the kitchen. When it comes to weight loss, the importance of getting your diet right only becomes more compound.

The Kayla Itsines Nutrition guide takes the guesswork out of your meals. If you have ever felt confused about what to eat for breakfast to fuel your body or what to eat for your pre-workout meals, this guide is just what you need.

It opens up a whole new world of information about foods, their macronutrient ratios and when to eat them. While there is an open debate about the importance of timing your food, it would be fair that it is largely accepted that eating right at the right time is essential for achieving your fitness goals.

Kayla Itsines Nutrition Guide Recipes

One of the best parts of the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body guide diet plan is that you get access to healthy, delicious recipes on a platter. These are ridiculously easy to prepare and tailored to the T with the right macronutrient ratios.

There are fat burning foods with substitutions. And if you are a vegetarian, there are a plethora of options for you too. It is as good as having a personal chef who prepares the diet food you need.

For a career woman like me, this was immensely helpful. I was no longer stressing over my diet and that was reflecting in my performance.

Why it can amplify your results

By getting your calories right and eating what you must rather than what you can, you will amplify the results that you can achieve with the bikini body guide. Learn more about what is the BBG workout here.

For a long time, I shunned fat and ate an excess of carbs which was the reason for the stubborn fat around my belly. But shifting to a cleaner eating diet with carbs and fat in the right ratios, I have been able to get enough energy to fuel my intense workout routines and to keep my metabolism high.

The result is there to see. I have lost inches around my waist and I can almost see the abs below. The Kayla Itsines nutrition guide is not a pricey option either with Kayla’s 80% discount link. Compared to the value it brings to your fitness goals, it is a must have.

Does Kayla Itsines Workout Work?

Does Kayla Itsines workout work? In short, yes. Millions of women have transformed their bodies into fitter, stronger, sexier and healthier bodies using the Bikini Body Guide. Kayla Itsines workout works so well because of the structure, style, and community that surrounds the workouts.

Does Kayla Itsines Workout Work For Everybody?

Kayla Itsines Workout program provides a structure to follow that is fool proof when you commit to it. Many women struggle to maintain a fitness program because they get bored of spending time on the elliptical or they get lost in the weight room. So what does BBG mean for us who are trying to lose weight?

The Bikini Body Guide provides every single workout in a concise and easy to follow methods that are constantly changing so you are never doing the same thing over and over. The app makes it easy for you to keep up with the program. The program is structured with a balance of low-intensity steady state cardio, high-intensity interval training, resistance training, and rehabilitation for your muscles.

These four components are all essential for fat burning and muscle conditioning. The Kayla Itsines Workouts use all four of these styles of training and put them together in a comprehensive program for you to follow to burn fat, gain muscle, improve flexibility and muscle repair, and overall conditioning.

Do Kayla Itsines Workouts Work Well?

The workouts themselves are so effective because they rely on a scientifically proven and time-tested fat loss formula. High-intensity interval training is very effective for burning fat because of the way that it spikes your heart rate means that you will continue to burn calories for the rest of the day after doing HIIT cardio. When you reach your peak heart rates or 80-90 percent of your peak heart rate, your body can continue to torch fat for up to 24 hours after the HIIT session. It has been argued to be the most effective way to burn fat.

When you reach your peak heart rates or 80-90 percent of your peak heart rate, your body can continue to torch fat for up to 24 hours after the HIIT session. It has been argued to be the most effective way to burn fat.

Resistance training helps to build muscle. Muscle takes up a much smaller surface area than fat does, giving the body an overall smaller appearance. The combination of gaining muscle and losing fat leads to optimal results because the more muscle that you have on your body, the more efficiently your body can process oxygen faster. When your body can process oxygen and food faster, it leads to an increased metabolism and a lower heart rate. Better food processing means less storage of fat in the future.

When your body can process oxygen and food faster, it leads to an increased metabolism and a lower heart rate. Better food processing means less storage of fat in the future.

Adding in LISS and stretching helps to burn additional calories and help the muscles recover for the next week of training. Stretching aids in muscle recovery by allowing the fibers to rest. Low-intensity steady state allows your muscles to recover through gentle use, for example twenty minutes of using the stationary bike the day after training legs can allow your glute, hamstring and quadriceps to be used gently which allows the muscle fibers to be activated and start to repair.

The #BBG community is very active on social media. Hashtags related to the app are used millions of times a day. Women who are struggling to remain consistent with the program can log onto Instagram and see thousands of progress photos, meal suggestions, and uplifting advice. Consistency and motivation are important when starting any exercise program, and with the BBG

Consistency and motivation are important when starting any exercise program, and with the BBG program, there are many ways to stay motivated. Success stories are shared on every single social media platform, from Tumblr to Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

If you are struggling to stay consistent, and remember consistency is KEY, you can look for motivation online. You can find support and friendship online, too, by connecting with other people in your city that are using the program. Some users even choose to meet-up with a BBG Buddy to do the workouts with.

If you follow the nutrition guidelines and the workouts, your body will change! This program is very effective. You will see changes in your abs, shoulders and legs. Your body will shrink and your muscles will grow. Try it for 12 weeks and you will definitely see results, keep going for more weeks and you can truly transform your body. If you don’t believe me, ask the 3 million women who have used the program to change their bodies.

So do Kayla Itsines Workouts work? Try it for 12 weeks and you will definitely see results, keep going for more weeks and you can truly transform your body. If you don’t believe me, read my full review on Kayla Itsines Workout program here.

What is BBG Fitness or Bikini Body Guide by Kayla Itsines?

What is BBG Fitness or what does BBG mean on Instagram? BBG means Bikini Body Guide, a fitness plan by Kayla Itsines.

The Bikini Body Guide or BBG works so well because of the community, the consistency it encourages, and the long term plan it provides. No one is successful in changing their body and changing their life without guidance, persistence, and support.

I think that Kayla Itsines provides all of the tools that you need to succeed in transforming your body and your mind through the BBG fitness plan.

What Does BBG Mean on Instagram?

The community that the Kayla Itsines workouts generates is really amazing. Women build each other up on Instagram and every single social media platform. Because the program requires you to take progress photos every four weeks, every single participant has a record of their transformation throughout the program and many women choose to upload those photos to social media.

Not only are these photos motivating, but if you are using the hashtags related to the program, like #KaylaItsines, #BBG, #BBGcommunity, and others, women will comment on your photo and encourage you to keep going. The built-in community that comes with the BBG program is really motivating and inspiring and that is one of the major differences that people find with this program as opposed to others.

The plan only works if you do. That is the case with every single workout plan on the planet. But the difference with the Kayla Itsines program is that the consistency is basically built in for you. Every page in the Ebook has a new workout for you. The app reminds you every day to complete your workout.

No one can sell you the determination to complete the workouts or the drive to complete them every day. But the app has all of the workouts lined up for you and they can be done without a gym, so you really have no excuse but to complete them. If you are consistent with the program and complete the high-intensity interval training, resistance training, low-intensity steady state and follow the diet plan, you will definitely see a change in your health and body!

What is BBG Fitness Plan?

The Bikini Body Guide is divided into different segments that are supposed to be done in order, taking it from a one-time workout to at least a 12 week commitment. Most fitness plans show you one class and then you are expected to keep coming to class, but they don’t follow any sort of linear advancement of difficulty. The BBG workouts get harder as the weeks go on and as your body gets used to the program. The key is to keep your body guessing; new exercises, longer workouts, heavier weights and higher frequency can all keep your body from getting complacent with the workout program. Normally, you would need to figure that out on your own. But with BBG, Kayla’s program takes the guess work away because the difficulty of the program changes as the weeks go by.

The BBG workouts get harder as the weeks go on and as your body gets used to the program. The key is to keep your body guessing; new exercises, longer workouts, heavier weights and higher frequency can all keep your body from getting complacent with the workout program. Normally, you would need to figure that out on your own. But with BBG, Kayla’s program takes the guess work away because the difficulty of the program changes as the weeks go by.

People say that it takes 12 weeks to form a habit. If you complete the first 12 weeks of Kayla’s program, you are very likely to keep going with it for a while because you will have set your body’s expectations to be moving and sweating with a certain frequency and you will have planned your schedule around completing the workouts every week.

After 12 weeks you also have probably seen pretty significant results that you will want to keep improving on, so the Bikini Body Guide becomes less of a 12-week thing and more of a way of life.

I think that the Bikini Body Guide works so well because it lays out the guidelines on how to make fitness a part of your daily life. The nutrition guide helps you learn how to make better and healthier choices with your meals and snacks. The workouts help you learn how to train your muscles and keep your heart healthy. The community keeps you motivated. Altogether, the Kayla Itsines workouts are more than just workouts, the Bikini Body Guide is more than a guide on how to get a bikini body…It’s a simple introduction into how you can make fitness a part of your daily life for years to come. First you get addicted to the results, then you get addicted to the feeling of being fit, and then it becomes a part of your life that you refuse to let go of.

The community keeps you motivated. Altogether, the Kayla Itsines workouts are more than just workouts, the Bikini Body Guide is more than a guide on how to get a bikini body…It’s a simple introduction into how you can make fitness a part of your daily life for years to come. First you get addicted to the results, then you get addicted to the feeling of being fit, and then it becomes a part of your life that you refuse to let go of.

I hope I’ve answered your question on what is BBG Fitness or what does BBG mean on Instagram? Read my full review of the BBG program and learn how I lost 40pounds so you can truly understand what it is all about!

BBG Program By Kayla Itsines

For anyone who has struggled to move the scale, results are the strongest type of motivation. It is like an endorphin rush, a dopamine kick that can make them get up from the couch and start exercising. There is no better example to this than Kayla Itsines and her BBG Program members who swear by the effectiveness of the 12 week program.

If some stranger in another part of the world can lose 6-7 lbs. and get into her bikini, why can’t you?

That’s the premise that the BBG Program Kayla Itsines begins on. And you don’t have to take her on face value mind you. There are enough results to prove that it works. They are all over Instagram like a tribe with their transformation photographs. Well-toned legs, shapely arms, abs almost visible, no cellulite on the butts, it really is in effect, a Bikini body.

Something that you would be proud to flaunt on a beach without having to think twice about how it looks. All the sermon about ‘body positive’ is not going to help you slip into a bikini. Exercise will. And the BBG seems to be one of the shortest routes you can take to get there.

BBG Program Kayla Itsines – Understanding the BBG Workout

As Kayla herself says, ‘You can’t fake fitness’. So if you are popping detox pills or thermogenic fat burners, you are only focusing on the aesthetics. Will you lose weight? Maybe. But at the cost of what? That’s what you need to ask yourself.

The BBG workout on the other hand will put you through a boot camp styled routine that will change your perception of fitness. If you have worked out before, then this will be a new challenge that tests your limits. And not an easy one either. Even the most seasoned athletes break into a flop sweat the first time they try out one of the Kayla Itsines workouts.

And if you have never worked out before, well, this is going to test you. It is like having a personal instructor by your side who will never let you stop before you achieve what you set out to achieve.

How does the Bikini Body Guide change my life?

Chances are that you know what the BBG workout is all about and that’s why you are reading this in the first place. But if you don’t, then I suggest that you log on to Instagram right now and search for any one of the numerous hashes Kayla’s clients use to tag themselves. Some of the common ones are #bbg, #bikinibodyguide, #kaylasarmy and even #deathwithkayla.

You will be shocked to see some of the transformations that have been achieved with this workout routine. And all it takes is one look to see that this is not a marketing gimmick, because none of the people look like the models you typically see on weight loss websites.

It is people that you can believe in. No overly thin teens with their surgically enhanced boobs over here. It is women with imperfections in the body that you can relate to. Someone who has always had all the fat in the world on her hips maybe. Or another woman who’s pretty slim, but has arms that looks like a blob of jelly.

Kayla helps you target your problem areas. By combining a set of different workout techniques and drawing inspiration from Tabata, Pilates, Yoga, HIIT, and mixing it up to create her own version of Boot Camp that can be followed easily at home, she gives you the complete workout routine you ever wanted to transform your life.

BBG Program Kayla Itsines – What do I get with the BBG?

There are many different plans that you can pick from according to your own personal goals and your preferences at this point of time. For people who just need the workout, there is an option to only subscribe for the Kayla Itsines workout plan that gives you access to the 189 page Kayla Itsines pdf ebook.

Others can go advanced and choose a complete BBG Program Kayla Itsines that includes the Kayla Itsines diet along with a few other bells and whistles. Irrespective of why you are struggling to lose weight, Kayla Itsines promises to help you transform your body.