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3 Reasons Why Women Should Do Strength Training

Strength training is very important to the long-term strength and health of women. Many women avoid it because they are afraid of the fact that they will bulk up and not look feminine enough. This is a very common misconception though on the part of women who are not sure how strength training affects their bodies.

Strength training allows you to burn calories, build bones, and be very strong when using strength training. According to the WHO, it is important to make sure that there is around 2.5 hours of strength training per women per week. There are many reasons for this but one of the biggest ones is what happens to us as we age.

Your Muscle Loss

As an adult, we oxidize and we age. What that means is that there is a huge amount of muscle that is lost, that is around 3-8% per year and when resistance training it is possible to ensure that you are able to reduce and even stop this kind of loss. When there is significant muscle loss there are many negative side effects for the person. A few of those issues include greater fatigue, meaning that your endurance will not be what it once was. In addition to this, there are also many issues that happen as well with the way that people are able to recover when there is less muscle mass. What that means is that people are more likely to be in a bad situation when they sprain or hurt a muscle that has suffered from a lack of mass. There are many reasons that it is very important to ensure that you are able to keep your muscle strong and healthy.

Reduction in Obesity

Women are naturally made up of more fat than men because of the fact that they have to be to be able to give birth. However, over the years as there is also a wain in the production of hormones women are also more likely to gain weight. Considering that over 40% of the American population is overweight, it is important to see the ways that weight maintenance should be a normal part of any procedure to ensure that it is going to ensure that there will be a great result in weight management. This means that it will help all people to ensure that it is possible to stay slim and be healthy on a regular basis by using strength training.

Reduction in the Risk of Osteoporosis

Because of the ways that women age there are many changes that happen in the aging process there is less bone mass and that means that women have the ability to have issues with Osteoporosis. What that means for the long-term health of women is that if they are doing strength training, they are able to maintain their strength and know that they are helping to ensure that their bones will also continue to be strong.

Women who are able to see the long-term benefits of strength training will be able to take advantage of finding ways to work on improving their health. The largest benefit as well to strength training which we have not outlined yet is looking amazing in anything. When you are strength training on a regular basis it is possible to immediately see the svelte change that your body undergoes. Your metabolism will also improve. There is something that is very empowering when you look and see the way that you feel in this moment when you are able to pick up anything off the rack and look like a million bucks.

5 Exercises to Flatten your Lower Stomach With BBG Workout

Not all abdominal strengthening exercises are created equal. As explained in the Kayla Itsines BBG Workout guide, some abdominal exercises are better at targeting certain areas – such as the upper, lower or difficult to target internal core muscles.

It is important to choose the right type of core exercise in order to target your lower abdominal to get the best results.

Each of the following five exercises works to target your lower abdominals. Complete a core circuit involving 1 minute of each exercise, with 1-minute rest, repeated 3 times. This will give you a solid 15 minutes of hard work, for stronger and flatter lower abs!

BBG Workout Additional Abs Exercises


In addition to strengthening your lower abdominals this exercise works to improve your strength and stabilization throughout your entire core. It also works to build a stronger lower back.

Exercise guide:

  1. Begin in plank position. Hands beneath shoulders and flat back.
  2. Rotate your body towards the left side. Hold for 5 seconds.
  3. Rotate your body towards the right side. Hold for 5 seconds
  4. Repeat for entire 1 minute


This multi-tasking move targets your lower abdominals as well as your oblique muscles (side muscles) responsible for stability. It also works your hips and lower back.

Exercise guide:

  1. Begin in push up position
  2. Keep your back flat and bottom down throughout the movement
  3. Drive your right knee towards your left elbow, then lower
  4. Drive your left knee towards your right elbow, then lower
  5. Repeat for entire 1 minute


The slow nature of the movement in this exercise – rolling your body out one vertebra at a time – engages the deep lower abdominal muscles. These muscles help to stabilize your pelvis on your return to the starting position.

Exercise guide:

  1. Lie flat – feet squeezed together and arms reaching up past your ears
  2. With controlled inhalation, lift your head through your arms and slowly begin rolling your back up and forwards one vertebra at a time off the ground
  3. With controlled exhalation continue forwards reaching your arms out in front across the room. Try to touch your forehead to your knees
  4. As you inhale again, reverse the movement to the initial position


This exercise targets your rectus abdominus – the six-pack muscles! It also targets those hard to train in your stomach area as well as hips and lower back.

Exercise guide:

  1. Start in push up position with shins rested on a Swiss ball. Keep your back straight.
  2. Keep your bottom where it is (Keep a flat back or natural cure – do not dip your hips) and pull the ball towards you with your feet
  3. Roll the ball backwards to return to the starting position


This exercise engages the deep psoas muscle – a muscle in front of your spine in your stomach, lower back and of course, your lower abs.

Exercise guide:

  1. Hang with shoulder-width and overhand grip from a chin up bar
  2. Keep a slight bend in the knees and legs together
  3. Bend at the hips and raise knees towards your chest
  4. Pause for a moment
  5. Slowly lower legs to starting position

I hope you’ve found this article useful! I’ll also recommend you to learn how I lost 43 pounds and get a bikini body here.