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How To Choose A Bikini After BBG Workout Transformation?

Fast forward 12-weeks after completing your BBG workout plan. Now you have a sexy, confident new look and you’re ready to show if off. You want to wear that bikini you’ve been eyeing for many summers. But before it was always, “maybe next year” until finally you got tired of saying that.

This time you finally did it and you’re exuding confidence. You want to show the world your hard work and great progress. So maybe it is time to go shopping for a new bikini swimsuit. The only problem is that you just don’t know where to start. You wonder which bikini suits your body and dig into some research.

Which Bikini for Your Figure After BBG Workout?

No matter how much you work out, it is fact that all women have different body types. We’re all unique regardless of our fitness regimen. You can look in the mirror and see a:

  • Slender and slim body type
  • Muscular body type
  • Big-boned body type
  • Round body type
  • Curvy body type
  • Petite body type

Or as most people refer to them as:

  • Pear-shaped (smaller on top, thicker on bottom)
  • Apple-shaped (thicker on top, smaller on bottom)
  • Hourglass-shaped (smaller waist, proportional top/bottom)
  • Slender (proportionate all the way down)
  • Curvy (larger boned or thicker all the way down)
  • Muscular (large muscles all the way down)

No matter which body type you have, there is a bikini style that would best showcase its features. Showing off your new bikini body all comes down to which bikini is for which body type.

The best tip to wearing whichever bikini that suits your body best is to make your body appear proportional. You’ve hammered out your problem areas with Kayla Itsines’ BBG. That means concealment is not an issue. The goal is to achieve proportion and find the utmost support possible.

A lot of women have bigger sections of their body that don’t add up to the others. For example, pear-shaped women have a smaller top but have a thicker bottom. Apple-shaped women are the opposite with thicker tops and smaller bottoms. When trying to find which bikini is best for which body, proportion is key. You also want to make sure your bikini will offer the most coverage for your body type.

Pear-Shaped Body Type

You can consider your body pear-shaped if you have a thicker waist and smaller top. This means your chest, busts, and/or stomach are smaller. What’s recommended is a bikini that supports your bottom half but doesn’t draw more attention to it. High cut bottoms and a dazzling top would work best.

A dazzling top would draw attention off of the lower part thus making your body appear proportional. No small bikini bottoms are recommended because it will accentuate your bottom half. Plus it would all hang out and support is very important when running around the pool.  Asymmetrical cuts also adds proportion to your body.

Apple-Shaped Body Type

Apple-shaped bodies have a larger chest or shoulder area. The lower portion of the body is thinner. For these type of bodies, it is recommended to find a highly supportive top. Underwire is a desirable feature so everything stays in its place. Bands below the band also help tremendously.

High rise bottoms make your lower half appear to be bigger and more proportional compared to your top half. Everything seems to even out when you choose a bikini that

Slender (or athletic, or muscular) Body Type

If you are athletic, slender, or muscular, you can find a bikini that is more feminine. To highlight your features and bring out your curves, you should find a top with ruffles, cutouts, or tie tops. These are used to take focus off of length and to put focus on being girly. Boy shorts and the like should be avoided.

Curvy Body Type

If you are curvy, tankinis and bikini skirts are said to be most appealing to your body type. They accentuate the curves and make you feel cute at the same time. You can still feel flirty. Colorblocking can also be used to make your curves noticed first.

If you want to draw less attention to curves, try an asymmetrical bikini.

Which bikini is for my body?

Which bikini is right for my body all comes down to the type of body I have. I would have to first figure that out and then go from there. With exercises successfully completed, it is easier to tell which body type I have.

I’d have to narrow down which areas needed more support. Upon doing so, the other half of the bikini should be no problem.

Let’s say for example you have a top-heavy, curvy woman. She would require a top with more support. She could look for padding or underwire. She would stay away from tie-back bikini tops and small bottoms. Bikini shorts would actually compliment the particular bikini top needed.

In all, the bikini suit that is best for your body just depends on your body type. The most important aspect in bikini shopping is making sure you highlight your best features. You don’t want to draw more attention to areas that already get enough attention. Most importantly, you want to make your body look proportional and have support.

If you will like to look great in your bikini, I’ll also recommend you to do the BBG workout. You can learn more about it by reading – What is BBG workout.